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Do you have legal information other consumers should know? Do you have an interesting legal story? Or, do you have an idea for a new law? With over 17 years of media experience as a legal analyst on ABC’s Nightline, CBS, NBC, CW and several local and national news talk stations, Michele Hagan will help you to get your story and information out to the media to inform other consumers. You can make a difference! The media is an effective tool to help you get your story out. Contact us at

“After being ordered by a family law judge in California to pay my ex-husband alimony after he raped me, I fought back with the law and the media. With Michele’s help, I was able to get my story out to the right media sources resulting in appearances on ABC’s Nightline, FOX , CNN, ABC, CBS , NBC, and numerous interviews with local newspapers and online publications.

Michele’s strategic media campaign including her powerful words were instrumental in getting my law unanimously passed by both the California Assembly and Senate –AB 1522 No alimony to spouses convicted of a violent sexual felony. I am grateful for her support and continued advocacy on behalf of victims of domestic violence.”

Crystal Harris
Mother of 2 wonderful boys & financial analyst
Carlsbad (San Diego County), California
January 24, 2013


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