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In 2013, I created a way for you to support my writing efforts to “speak out” on my blog posts on Trial Ready Blog and in my e-articles sharing “secrets” that every consumer should know to navigate today’s legal landscape. I call it Speak Out!

So, whether it is a high profile trial, a political hot topic, or an “official” misstep, I may just have to Speak Out! and, wake people up. There may be times when you don’t agree with my opinion, or you see it differently, but, I will certainly call it as I see it. Who knows you may just “persuade” me to see it your way. Either way, I want to hear what you think.

And, if you have a “secret” to share with your fellow consumer, I want to hear that too.

We live in interesting times and these times call for Speak Out!

Thank you for your support, your opinions, and your feedback. I am grateful for the generosity of your gift. Your gift will also allow me some time, when needed, to look under the hood.

In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for those “missteps” and consumer tips.

With gratitude,   


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