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"It's not enough to know the law!"

In today's courtroom, strong presence and strong arguments win the case.

TRIAL READY® specializes in preparing attorneys and law students to be confident and effective advocates in the courtroom. Understanding how to develop case themes, planning strategies for judge, jury and witnesses, presenting opening statements and closing arguments, making and overcoming objections, introducing evidence, and delivering effective arguments are crucial to winning.


To demystify the process while providing practical training, TRIAL READY®, a nationwide consulting firm, offers seminars, attorney training programs, and training for individual attorneys on trial skills, marketing, negotiation, presentation skills and witness preparation. TRIAL READY® offers intensive training and brainstorming sessions for attorneys and expert witnesses. We also offer e-articles providing you with practical tips and effective techniques for today's winning advocate.


We do it all! We customize and develop the training programs and program materials to meet your firm's individual needs. Using multimedia technology and actual courtroom clips, we observe and critique the skills of today's litigators.

These programs are designed to be interactive, intensive, and practical while challenging all levels of experience. For convenience, they are all offered as a one hour brown bag program in the firm's conference room or as an intensive "learn by doing" half-day or full-day workshop.

The programs cover every stage of trial from theme development, questioning techniques, witness preparation and closing arguments to effective use of technology in the courtroom and much more. TRIAL READY® also offers practical training that attorneys use everyday such as marketing, presentation skills and client development.

  • No billable hours lost developing programs or traveling off site to other CLE programs
  • Our programs may fulfill your CLE requirements
  • On site, convenient and in your conference room
  • Deductible business expense


To assist with mock trial or other firm training programs, we offer a trained instructor(s) to provide invaluable and expert feedback, instruction on effective critique methods, and to assist in the development of training programs and materials.
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For attorneys, we offer individual and confidential sessions to practice advocacy skills, brainstorm and plan pretrial or trial strategy, practice trial skills, improve courtroom presence, or assist in the preparation of an effective client presentation.
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